Student Exchange

Dec 1, 2022

About Youth Exchange

Our Club does the Youth Exchange every second year. The reasoning for this is finding Host Families and cost to the Club. Our Club sends a student out and we receive one from abroad. The student attends school for the whole year, and lives with 3 different families while in Clearwater. The students need to be between the ages of 14 – 18.

We believe the Youth Exchange program is one of the most important aspects of Rotary. It introduces youth to different cultures, to a variety of school programs; and makes them have to think and solve problems independently.

During Covid the program was suspended for 2 years, and now the district is in the process of rebuilding the exchange program.

Letter from our Local Exchange Student Cleo Coates


In two days I will have been in Spain for 1 month now! Time over here really does fly!
I have already experienced so much and learnt lots of Spanish. I feel very loved in my new family and circle of friends. It is so nice that people are really affectionate with physical touch here, it always makes me smile.
I have tried Paella, but honestly its just not for me. But I do really love the fact that I get to have a nice, slow sit down, lunch with me friends every day after-school in the cafeteria.
I have discovered new passions and hobbies such as surfing, and going to the gym with friends, but have also carried lots of my passions from Canada with me. I'm so grateful that I have a little forest next to my house so I can be immersed in nature, that I can be creative in the kitchen in my new home, and that I brought my yoga mat with me.
I feel as though I'm adjusting well to the local culture and schedule here, I regularly eat dinner at 9 pm, and I ALWAYS have an afternoon siesta, hahaha.
It rains almost everyday here, but that’s okay because I love the cozy fall feeling of being in the house or in school while it pours outside.
I predict that in a month my Spanish will be almost fluent.
Lots of smiles form Spain,
Cleo Coates

Stay Tuned for More Updates from our Students, if you are interested in the program contact Hazel Wadlegger, at!