Rotary Christmas Giving

Dec 8, 2022

Gift Bags

Clearwater Rotary members are not resting over Christmas. Even before the Christmas tree light up, the Rotary Elves are busy putting together gift bags for the residents at Evergreen Acres and Forest Grove at the hospital in Clearwater.

The seniors in our lives are special and have given so much to us, it is the least we can do in return for them, a little comfort and friendship over the Christmas Season!

Gift bags for the seniors has been a tradition at the Clearwater Rotary. Members all chip in donations, or make gifts, members of our community help, and so do the businesses, donating little items to fill a gift bag and to let our friends at the senior residence know they are loved. If you want to donate or give a gift it is not to late, reach out to Hazel Wadlegger at

Food Bank

The Rotary and Food bank work together when times are tough. Our Rotarians take turns collecting and delivering food from the Local Buy Low to the Food bank on a weekly basis. Big thank you to the Buy Low for keeping us in food for those in need!

We as well always do something a little special around Christmas time, putting together a hamper of food and gifts for those that are in need of a little sunshine over the winter holidays. We encourage all that can, please do take a little time out this year to drop off something at the Food bank. A little donation or food goes a long way!

Christmas is a time for giving!

Stay tuned for more information on our Christmas giving!